Although it is often a difficult subject to broach, an unexpected illness, injury, or death can seriously jeopardize the security of your family, practice, or business. Together, we can assess the risks to your financial security of illness, disability, or death, and evaluate your ability to manage those risks. As an independent financial advisor, I am able to select the product and insurance company that is the best fit for you.

Risk management strategies often involve using various forms of insurance:

  • Term Life Insurance
    • Provides protection for an insured person on a temporary basis. Typical terms are 5 to 15 years, and coverage might be to protect a family’s lifestyle during the critical dependent years.
  • Permanent Life Insurance
    • Covers an insured’s permanent needs, such as estate capital gains tax, or final expenses.
  • Mortgage Life Insurance
    • Provides protection for an insured for the specific purpose of paying off mortgage debt.
  • Disability Insurance
    • Provides an ongoing income stream in the event an insured suffers from an illness or accident causing disability.
  • Critical Illness Insurance
    • Provides a lump sum payment in the event an insured suffers an illness that is covered by the contract. Most common coverages include heart attack, cancer, or stroke.

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